Hold on Girl

Miniature deaths or necrosis in one mans life or everyone’s life no visible wounds or scars.Stattu þig stelpa skjáskotHold on Girl is an 18 minutes performance video. The name of the phenomenon, performance video, describes a merging of the video camera and the performer. The performance was committed in private. The video, unedited and raw, is what remains.

The video begins when someone grabs the video camera and runs off. The view of the camera becomes the view of that person – panting, sounds from hundreds of flies and running legs between the vegetation and the man made run-down environment on a constant moving creates a sea vertigo feeling and a threatening situations. Inside of half collapsed or burned houses, full of trash and human excrement – the running person stops, puts her camera down and walks into the frame. She is a dark haired woman, dressed in white t-shirt and black pants. Her face, hair and clothes are covered in blood. She positions herself in the frame which indicates that she is either badly wounded or dead. After some time in the position, she stands up, grabs the camera and runs back off – like in a delirium and repeats the behavior over and over again.

Stattu þig stelpa skjáskot

The piece was premiered in the exhibition space Harbinger in Reykjavik and screened during few autumn nights. The show was a part of series of exhibitions by Steinunn and Snorri Páll Jónsson Úlfhildarson that took place around Reykjavik in the autumn 2014.

Stattu þig stelpa - mynd frá sýninguStattu þig stelpa - frá sýningu