B – Be – Bee – By – Bí – Bý – بي

Sound Piece, Installation and Performance. Exhibited at The Settlement Center (History Museum) in Borgarnes as a part of the B Plan Art Festival. The audience had to go through a tourist shop and walk up some stairs like they were going to see the permanent settlement exhibition. But when taking one more floor they would enter into B – Be – Bee – By – Bí – Bý – بي bb bbbbbbbbbThe installation was made from chairs and red and blue-green lights. In the performance one person was holding two glass bowls full of water. She moved slowly within the space and then positioned herself with the piles of chairs and paused for a while. The projection from the light through the bowls was the only thing that moved constantly and made an electrified tension. The performance took 42 minutes each time – the time it took to play the sound piece through.bbbbbbbb The sound piece B – Be – Bee – By –Bí – Bý – بي is a linguistic game where one humanimal moves within a city and repeats the same sound: B. That sound has more than one meaning within one and the same language and different meanings between languages. Here you can find a 7 minutes example of the sound piece:

A Few Meanings of the Sound B:

B (in english): the letter, plan b, second best
Be (in English): to be
Bee (in English): a bee
By (in Norwegian): city, town
Bí (in Icelandic): what birds say, what machines say Bí (in Icelandic): fall overboard, to hell
Bý (in Icelandic): to live
بي (in Arabic): my, in me, through mebbbbb

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbThe work is an Existential Question/Declaration/Documentation and was Born after togetherness with Shakespeare.

Photo credit: Logi Bjarnason.