Side specific performance and an installation.

Abandoned house, Skólavörðustígur 29, Reykjavík, Iceland, 2010.

The audience was invited in to a half burned, half ruined old house, that had amongst other things been one of Reykjavik’s few squatted social centers, standing at one of the main shopping streets in the city center. Inside everything had be wrapped in plastic. In the middle of the room stood a giant cancer like object on a table. A person in orange overall ripped all kinds of food and food related things out of the object, cooked it on one of her many operating stoves and prepared burning hot sculptures which she then forcefully handed over to the audience. From the ceiling, a male body’s bottom half hung down from the floor above. A tool had been installed onto his genitals, enabling him to urinate over the middle part of the space.
The audience could walk up to the next floor and see the same man’s upper half, where he was DJ-ing and mass-produced weapon like objects out of vitamin pills and water-melons which he then eventually threw at some of the audience.

The performance lasted about three hours.

Done in collaboration with Páll Haukur Björnsson.

Together Páll and Steinunn make the duo Mótþróaröskunarteymið ÖND.